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Copycat, Cee Ann

Action platformer with RPG elements, featuring combat mechanics · By Bluetail7


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General update
Hi there! The game has been updated with new graphics and fixed mechanics for you to enjoy. Some things were changed such as menus and gui, the game environment...
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Upcoming release
Save features are being added! simple things as saving your settings are getting added...
Cee Ann has been updated with better and dynamic skills! Dash now stops after you touch a wall, allowing faster response when playing. Dash animations now exist...
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Get a download key before the next update!
Cee Ann copycat is reaching another deadline of progress, make sure you grab the demo or comment for a download key. This is what you get from the site right no...
Major bug fixed
Copycat was updated with a small fix. Now everyone can play without needing a controller! Sorry for the late response, our sincere apologies!...
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Quick Update!
Now you can play with more support for gamepads! Some people tried to play in VM, didn't work till now! Got fixed! The character and some visual effects were up...
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Copycat release on itch io
Cee ann - Copycat makes its debut on itch io! Get ready for a new platformer based on speed, combos and explosions! The project is an early access, but the game...
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Ive tried running an alpha ver on wine but i never got it to work (keypresses unresponsive, constant crashes, etc) and t...
started by jill Sep 17, 2018
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