Copycat release on itch io

Cee ann - Copycat makes its debut on itch io!

Get ready for a new platformer based on speed, combos and explosions!

The project is an early access, but the gameplay is done


Cee Ann - Early Access 19 MB
May 07, 2018

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I thought you might want a link to the review. The reception's been pretty positive so far.

Hey, Thank for trying the game!

I really appreciate your review and I'll looking forward to fix these points!

Potential As Bright As a Morning Star . . . Professional review by Steve T


Now I'm no game designer, in fact I have trouble programming the T.V remote to work, but I do know how much work goes into creating a game from the ground up and let me just say . . . Congrats. You've managed to blend the frenetic energy of bayonetta with the smooth platforming of megaman, no small feat for a one man team might I say.

I played through four stages before I was obliterated and sent unceremoniously back to the menu screen and my suggestion to you would be to tweak the default  control scheme. Now this is more of a mute point seeing as the player is able to change their controls, but I feel a control shake up would be good  for people just wanting to get straight to the action. Now for my more major gripes . . .

You said it yourself 'The game's still in early access' but there are things that need cleaning up, for instance the weapon trajectory may need to be adjusted just a tad bit more. The enemies are small and fast, making it quite the chore to blast them with my laser. Then again you did provide the laser which is a fun addition even if I don't know exactly how to use it.

Now for my last major gripe . . . The multiplayer. Now don't get me wrong I'm a huge fan of split screen multiplayer. I love being able to sit back with a friend and thrash them at a game of mario kart, but I feel the multiplayer here needs some serious adjustments. For one there's this annoying flickering that appears when the game's not in fullscreen mode. The game flickers white as if you were trying to add in a lightning type effect. It also wouldn't hurt to add another mode or two, but you have plenty of time to do that depending on what release window you're aiming for. It also wouldn't hurt to change the sprite of player two now would it?

But enough with the cons, back to why I love this game so much! The musical direction is phenomenal! I take it you created the chiptune tracks, because they're just top tapping gems. Each level theme is awesome and I can definitely sense some Megaman vibes here. You've got a gem on your hands and I know this may sound crazy, but I implore you from a professional standpoint to push to have this published on the Nintendo Switch.

I've talked to numerous developers who are uncertain about whether or not to move their game from the safe confines of PC to the new and volatile waters of the Switch, but I say now is the perfect time. 

With proper marketing, pricing, and care, your game could easily top the U.S & J.P E-Shop charts. The gaming audience is craving for that sweet retro inspired platformer and by all accounts your game definitely scratches that itch. I know the console development process can be daunting, but let me assure you that you'd have all the support you needed. I'm currently in talks with the lead developer from Scary Robot Games and I convinced him to jump ship from mobile and PC to the Nintendo Switch. 

So all in all the game is extremely solid. I found myself completely delighted with the tight level design and retro aesthetic. Now if you did plan on going the console route you'd most certainly need to add more stages to the multiplayer, more stages to the game, and up the resolution, but all in all I think this game could easily make the transition.

So in conclusion this reviewer gives your game 9 bolts out of 10 or 5 out of 5 stars. I look forward to seeing the strides you continue to take.